Allan and Lila Weitz Galleries.

Welcome to Allan’s and Lila’s Mahjong Collection.

Lila and I have been collecting Mahjong sets and associated items for twenty years. Our collection ranges from pre 1920 to modern and from playing cards to ivory tiles in magnificent cabinets and everything in-between. We do not specialise in any one facet but a majority of our sets are Chinese wood cabinets with bone/bamboo tiles. At the moment we have tiles made of twenty different materials.

We hope that you will enjoy your trip through our collection. We are focusing on the visual aspects of mahjong and will leave the history, lore and rules of play to others better equipped to discuss these subjects.

We would also like to extend our thanks and gratitude to Michael Stanwick for providing an excellent platform though his website as well as his ongoing encouragement. Also, a big thank you to Serge Gagnon for his photography, computer skills and his patience. We could not have done this display of our collection without him.

If you have any comments, Lila and I would be pleased to hear from you. To contact us, please email:

and mention ‘Mahjong’ in the Subject.

Each Gallery is Devoted to a Particular Cabinet Style or Tile Set.

Each number (LAW 1, LAW 2 …) denotes a cabinet style. That number is followed by a number identifying the photo of that set. Next is a letter (A, B, C …) that is the label of the set within the cabinet style category. Finally, that is followed by a description of the tile material in that example.

The pictures of the tiles were taken with the tiles in their trays.

Galleries: Links.

Gallery 1.     Double Door Cabinets.

Gallery 2.     Korean Style Cabinets.

Gallery 3.     Fully Carved Cabinets.

Gallery 4.     Bone Inlaid Cabinets.

Gallery 5.     Mother of Pearl Inlaid Cabinets.

Gallery 6.     Red Lacquer Cabinets.

Gallery 7.     Elongated Cabinets.

Gallery 8.     Unique Sets.

Gallery 9.     Standard Five Drawer Cabinets.

Gallery 10.   Miniature Cabinets.

Gallery 11.   Tin Cabinets/Boxes.

Gallery 12.   Contemporary Sets.

Gallery 13.   Flat Wooden Boxes.

Gallery 14.   Attaché Style Cases.

Gallery 15.   Spin-offs.

Gallery 16.   Carton Boxes.

Gallery 17.   Brocade Boxes.

Gallery 18.   Leather Boxes.

Gallery 19.   Brand Names.

Gallery 20.   Playing Card Games.

Gallery 21.   Miscellaneous.

Gallery 22.   Outlaws of the Marsh.

Gallery 23.   Our Top Ten Sets.

Gallery 24.   Flowers (People Tiles. One Photo Per Set).