NEW. Since The Mahjong Collector magazine has now ceased publication, its space on this Home page will now be used for short examinations of various attributes of Mahjong tile sets – from an aesthetic and historical perspective – as well as showcasing the types of differences that are exhibited by the patterns on tiles found in tile sets. This section is labelled Fascinating Mahjong(g) Tiles.

The first of these, as seen below, displays a set of 8 Flowers tiles that highlight their aesthetic attributes, such as the engraving style and colouration, as well as the message they convey.

I will also be adding more of the tile set history articles from The Mahjong Collector magazine. The 1st two articles can already be found under the tab The Mahjong Collector Magazine Articles. These articles are brief introductions to the subject and to the much longer and more comprehensive articles to be found under the Tile Set History tab.

A new tile set from Garland Price will soon be added to his private collection page under the Private Collections tab.


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