Gallery 1.0

In this Gallery are examples of those sets that have a similar basic suit tile pattern of the Himly/Glover suit type that first appeared in the historical record around 1875 (see Mahjong(g) Before Mahjong(g) part 1). Thus: the presence of extra Joker tiles and/or squat SOC/’Bamboo’ rods and/or concave tiles and/or an abstracted #1 String of Cash/’bamboo’ and finally, a single Circle on all or some of the tiles of the Cash/’Circles’ suit tiles.

The tile set itself continued with minor modifications well into the late 1930′s and into the 1950′s (see Mahjong(g) Before and After Mahjong(g) Part 2 and Flowers and Kings: A Hypothesis of their Function in Early Ma Que). One particular modification was the replacement of the Directions/Winds motifs and the Honours/’Dragons’ motifs with alternative motifs. This also occurred for the wan/Myriads or ‘Character’ suit.