Gallery 2.0

Culin-BMA-1-300x203The BMA Culin tile set, courtesy of the Brooklyn Museum Of Art, New York. Collected in Shanghai in 1909. This tile set consists of the three Suits, the four Directions, three Honours and a set of both ‘Flowers’ and ‘Seasons’. This structure of the tile set and basic design on the tiles – a bird on the number one String of Cash/’Bamboo’ plus rods in that suit, an elaborate number one Cash/’Circles’ with multiple circles on each tile in that suit and ornamental plants on the four ‘Flowers’ and pastimes, in this case, on the ‘Seasons’ tiles – is what was and is commonly found in export tile sets from the 1920’s to the present. Examples of these are displayed in the Galleries below.

However, this tile set also has Winds/Directions tiles that have an engraving style found on Winds/Directions tiles in very early tile sets. This early engraving style is a Relict feature.

See a larger image of this set in the Bone and Bamboo section below.